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The fabulous ten

Ten pieces of furniture that can turn an average bedroom into a classy one. Bedrooms must be comfortable and relaxing, but also aesthetically pleasing. In order for it to become a reality, there are ten fabulous pieces of furniture by Tosconova that can turn your bedroom into the dream, classy one. Any Lord Chamberlain would surely appreciate it.
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The must-have of Italian luxury houses, romantic and embracing thanks to the lateral wings of the high headboard. The visible, fine paws have a distinctive conic shape that is anything but banal. Ritz bed contemporary aesthetics is enriched by textiles that really make the difference. Also, textiles make the bed a customizable piece of furniture: among many options, you can choose a more casual one, as shown in the picture, or maybe the blue velvet one, for a classic touch. The Ritz bed is a graceful standout piece of high-level Italian craftsmanship that will suit any taste and elevate any bedroom


The Cannes Luxury Italian Sheet set is a contemporary item that does not lose sight of tradition and classic bed linen. 100% Premium Satin Cotton, is enriched by the fabric decoration that makes it so elegant.


Its peculiar shine is also its secret: the top, the front drawers, and the sides are made of glass and give the nightstand a glossy, stylish look. Furthermore, the other surfaces are tone-on-tone matt lacquered, thus creating a design contrast with the glass covering. Last but fundamental, Aspen glass nightstand is completely customizable with Tosconova finishes.

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A classic item that adds that one thing to the bedroom, combining aesthetics and functionality. The sophisticated and clean, modern design characterizes both versions of the same: the classic, fixed one and the easy opening one with handy room inside.


Part of a brand new lamp collection, it hides the secret of a unique design. The fact that it is made of glass with a ribbed finishing touch makes it reflect light differently from smooth glass lamps, resulting in a one-of-a-kind vintage look that characterizes the whole collection.


An item that totally reflects the evolution and creative potential of Tosconova. The curved lines and glass top open the way to a contemporary design, while the brass paws details add that elegant vintage touch. The contemporary and vintage looks blend together for a refined result.

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The Nelly table lamp is the real starting point of all Tosconova brand new collection, which is enriched by a vintage allure and reinterpreted in a contemporary way. The unique, fresh metallic lines are meant to take vintage design to the world of luxury and elegance.

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The wooden, shaped lines are nicely smooth and the backrest is characterized by a soft visual aesthetics. That’s the result of a wood treatment aimed at creating comfortable, classy, round shapes. Then, textiles do the rest: made by the renowned Italian company of Dedar, which produces very high-level textiles, the Prince of Wales upholstery of Forty-two chair gives a real, classy twist to any space.

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The informal seat, half way between a coach and a chaise longue, fits in the bedroom perfectly. The comfortable seat is upholstered in fine textiles, made in Italy and resulting from a thorough R&D work – research and tests make it sure Tosconova upholstery are of fine quality, stain-resistant and obviously durable.


Part of a new rug collection, it is made of wool with a special braiding. Resistant but soft to the touch, it ensures the comfort any luxury bedroom deserves.

The fabulous ten pieces of furniture by Tosconova are meant to be the fundamentals to create the dream bedroom: a comfortable, classy, ideal place to rest body and mind.