The Tosconova design enhances Florentine hospitality at Grand Hotel Baglioni

To live an authentic city experience: whoever visits a place for the first time wishes to savor every detail about it, from the historical monuments and artworks to the local cuisine and street atmosphere, and sometimes even the nightlife.

Nestled in the heart of Firenze, Grand Hotel Baglioni is designed exactly to fulfill this dream from the very first moment. It proposes suites that blend high comfort with an authentic Florentine style: the first sight that greets travelers each morning as they open their eyes is a stunning, historically preserved coffered ceiling that the Hotel has meticulously maintained over the years…welcome to Firenze, we might say!

In this setting, it becomes clear that the great challenge of the Hotel is to conserve that ancient Florentine essence while guaranteeing the highest quality stay to customers, by featuring present services and furniture too. Tosconova’s, by the way.

The company has collaborated with Grand Hotel Baglioni for several years now, restyling step by step every corner of this charming location.

For this particular yet adventurous and fun request, Tosconova designed customized furniture together with Architect Patrizia Monaco.

Tosconova rethought every piece of furniture, initially posing several questions: Who stays at the Grand Hotel Baglioni? What kind of experience are they expecting? What characteristics should the furniture have? Those who choose the Grand Hotel Baglioni seek to immerse themselves in Florentine heritage, enjoy the highest comfort, and be surrounded by impeccable environments and furniture. Consequently, the result is a design collection that not only reflects the colors and materials of the past but also offers the best in comfort.


Each renovated suite aligns in style with the others while featuring distinct types of furniture, ensuring a unique experience for every guest. Specifically, Patrizia Monaco commissioned Tosconova to customize the Ritz beds, outfitting them with a specially created fireproof fabric. These beds, characterized by their elegant and high headboards, draw attention the moment one steps into the room and are complemented by the Tosconova Aspen nightstands. At the Grand Hotel Baglioni, suites are not just rooms but true experiences, versatile enough even for work. The Tosconova Club desk, paired with the Flò chair upholstered in velvet, captures the essence of Florentine elegance while providing an efficient workstation for travelers. Additionally, some suites recreate the ambiance of historical living rooms, featuring conversation corners arranged around the Square Small table with its elegant glass top. The sofa selection has been carefully considered as well; the architect chose the Moritz Reverse Bed, which offers guests an additional high-comfort sleeping option—uncommon in typical sofa beds—and it’s fireproof. This is complemented by the practicality of the Brass tables.


At the Grand Hotel Baglioni, nothing is left to chance. Tosconova, in collaboration with Architect Patrizia Monaco, has crafted a truly customized design collection that addresses a spectrum of needs. From the Grand Hotel Baglioni’s point of view, it’s imperative that suites not only offer the pinnacle of comfort and offer a unique and unforgettable experience. For the guests, experiencing authentic Florentine culture is an essential aspect of their stay in the city.
From Tosconova’s point of view, the secret to a perfectly designed room is the belief that perfectly designed rooms simply do not exist. Instead, there are rooms that ideally reflect the clients’ needs and desires, balance practicality with comfort, and do so with deep respect for their location and heritage.
This is the secret that leads Tosconova through this passionate project and throughout its existence.

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