About Tosconova

Tosconova stools: the iconic and comfortable design that unites

Functional and full of character, stools appear to be playing an increasingly important role in modern house design, and the reason is mostly connected to the evolving society and people’s lifestyles.

Actually, the whole design is connected to the evolving daily lives.
As the world moves faster, time at home also seems to fly, with daily routines adapting accordingly. Rich breakfasts that used to gently wake us up are now typically reserved for special Sundays, replaced by the quick simplicity of ‘just an espresso,’ a habit that has spread beyond Italy. Similarly, lunch has transformed from a meal enjoyed at the dining table to a brief break, often at the practical kitchen peninsula.
‘To optimize time’ is the key, but solely in its most frenetic sense. Embracing the opportunity to fully enjoy every moment offers an interpretation that, honestly, we find much more appealing, don’t you?

When designing stools, Tosconova particularly emphasizes this second meaning, or, even better, mission, by searching for the highest comfort solutions combined with pleasant aesthetics. Stools usually serve as the connecting element between the kitchen and the dining room, positioned physically between these two areas. This means their design also acts as a junction point between the kitchen’s aesthetic and the rest of the house.

Tosconova proposes four different and customizable models, whose designs are inspired by the inviting images of a pleasant conversation over an aperitivo, as well as the quick yet still highly enjoyable espresso sipped before leaving for work.


That is why all Tosconova’s stools are equipped with a durable and highly comfortable backrest, available in different sizes to suit different uses: Tosconova’s furniture is created for private houses but also for restaurants and hotels. While the destination changes, the quality remains the same, whether the furniture is for a family of four or countless customers. The Seneca stool is ideal for those who prioritize a wide seat, whereas the Vintage stool represents the perfect balance between comfort and aesthetic appeal. To achieve this, Tosconova offers its iconic wood and metal finishings, along with customizable upholstery options. This allows customers to create a personal piece of furniture that seamlessly complements the rest of the room’s design.

But if the style is everything, Tosconova also proposes two iconic models, Forty and Savon. Distinctive in their appearance, they are perfectly designed to facilitate numerous conversations, whether it’s accompanying someone’s cooking efforts at home or serving cocktails in an upscale bar. Tosconova maintains the highest care for detail, as attention to every detail is a hallmark of its identity, even in the design of stools. Their placement between the kitchen and the dining room also suggests the moments they are used: brief periods throughout the day, that are often underestimated. However, even if these moments are small, aren’t they worthy of being fully savored? Tosconova believes they are.