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Unique seaside furniture gallery: Borgo Santandrea

A unique seaside furniture gallery, five-star. If the incredible results of the renovation project of Borgo Santandrea – the first five-star hotel to open on the Amalfi coast in 15 years, where luxury, Italian charm and marvel reign – were to be summarized in a few words, those would be the ones. In fact, a selection of furniture, lights and textiles has been made thanks to the opportunity to choose among rare vintage and private collections pieces and the creations by the most prestigious design Italian brands. One of them was Tosconova.

Design meets Mediterranean style, the aesthetics of 50s and 60s Italian mansions shines through the lens of a contemporary approach to decor, thus creating a one-of-a-kind cliffside retreat between Amalfi and Positano. As any other detail of the transformation, the suites and rooms furniture has been selected by the Italian architect Rino Gambardella. Custom pieces of furniture by Tosconova took their place in these incredible spaces overlooking the seaside through floor-to-ceiling windows and blessed by light, thus contributing to an overall aesthetics that reflects Italian artisanship.

The renovation project is rooted in passion and family, as it is the result of the meticulous and respectful work of the De Siano and Orlacchio families. Tosconova, also a family-run company committed to re-think and create Italian classy and luxury furniture, shares the very same values with the owners of Borgo Santandrea. Tosconova pieces of furniture welcome the hotel guests right from the lobby – which looks like a luxurious seaside furniture gallery – with a customized version of each piece as nothing is left to chance and every detail is really, truly unique. That’s how Tosconova pieces are in harmony with the hand-painted tiles, the rare vintage pieces and all the other elements meant to convey true uniqueness.

Mr. Gambardella talks about this very uniqueness. The Amalfi coast is known worldwide as the Divine coast, the place where part of Ulysses’ most mysterious vicissitudes took place, where Roman Emperors chose to build their villas, where a special quality of lemons grow and nowhere else, making the adjective ‘unique’ even somewhat reductive. But, as Mr. Gambardella states, that uniqueness must absolutely be conveyed to the hotel’s guests and the pieces of furniture, luxury materials and textiles by Tosconova, together with the rare vintage pieces and items by other precious Italian design companies, play a key role.

Definitely, another key element is customization. The creations by Tosconova may be customized in countless ways, a characteristic not easy to be found but essential to luxury furniture, because only then can the above-mentioned harmony be achieved. Uniqueness, again: uniqueness of creation, selection of materials, customization precisely. So that furniture naturally becomes part of a stunning environment rooted in history, myth and Italian charm.

As Mr. Gambardella ends up, Tosconova succeeded in connecting with the soul of Borgo Santandrea. More than this, the soul of Tosconova furniture succeeded to connect both with Borgo Santandrea and their guests.

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