Luxury home design Tosconova: Sardinia meets Tuscan know-how

Luxury home design by Tosconova returns to Sardinia with its know-how and the most welcoming, high-end project: Tosconova Show Home. The project has come to life last year and has immediately took off: Tosconova has furnished what has been called a whole new retreat, the closest reality to a buen retiro you’ll ever find, open by appointment to potential clients and design professionals. This year, the magic is about to happen again. Or we should say the juxtaposition of key elements that make Tosconova the perfect choice when it comes to luxury homes.

First of all, materials. The selection of precious materials, the work of the so-called artisans of Italy and the partnerships with niche Italian companies make it possible to get to those premium, tailor-made, Italian products without which none of this would exist. Tosconova Show Home features natural materials inspired by Sardinian earth and sea and meant to convey a pervasive sense of harmony: from the handcrafted oak wood floor recalling the design of nautical knots to rough materials such as lime, from Carrara marble to the pure handmade silk shantung by Dedar – an Italian excellence as per fabrics and upholstery – from Tosconova precious finishes to ceramics and mosaics, the quintessence of luxury design comes to life. With the elegant wall lamps and Lungarno collection furniture by Tosconova doing the rest.

Secondly: know-how. When talking about customized furniture and interior design, know-how is simply essential. Over the years, Tosconova has come to a tried-and-tested approach to any kind of request, exactly based on customization: to meet every aesthetic and functional need is the key to create something really unique. The renovation and furnishing project of the Show Home is the perfect example as it has been implemented and supervised internally by Tosconova.

Thirdly: we have talked about a whole new retreat, with whole being a keyword. The same know-how developed over the years makes it possible for Tosconova to take care of a whole project, thanks to their R&D and production departments, real laboratories of ideas and effective solutions. Thus, clients will have a single interlocutor, a company that takes care of every single, customized detail – last but not least the super delicate delivery phase – with far less risk of wasting time, energy or losing the big picture.

Finally, special attention is paid to production times and budget and customer needs always come first. Notably, when talking about turnkey projects Tosconova does a customized estimate for the client and with the client so that the final outcome is totally consistent with the client’s wishes and real needs.

For the second year, Tosconova is pleased to welcome potential clients and design professionals to the Show Home in Sardinia, the practical outcome of years of experience in the luxury interior design field and tailor-made projects.