About Tosconova

Raw materials: made in Italy from A to Z

Raw materials can be beautiful, precious and, above all, made in Italy – and nothing is more important than this very first step of the design process. The second key step is manufacturing and Tosconova focuses on high-level craftmanship. That is how the selection of materials allow to create a real made in Italy and to make it one of the company’s strength. Let’s take a dip in the incredible world of raw materials such as wood, textiles, metal and marble. Without forgetting ethics.

For one thing, Tosconova wood selection is based on aesthetics and quality, that is why one of the materials the company uses more is Canaletto walnut wood, with its incredible, stunning grain and its warm, gradient color. Tosconova artisans are real experts of oak wood working as well, with its material and sophisticated texture smelling so good and so pleasant to the touch. All this is made even more interesting and precious thanks to the staining process by Tosconova: wood color is totally customizable to suit every taste and need. In fact, from natural wood color to wenge, Tosconova tries to give wood endless shades of color that perfectly fit in any room of the house.

What precedes fabric selection is a research work on both quality and style at Tosconova Research & Development (R&D). Also, there can be external collaborations with Italian companies that share our philosophy and create unique fabrics that widen and enrich our collections. Tosconova may also choose the latest collections by luxury brands such as Dedar Milano to give that je ne sais quoi to pieces of furniture.

Necessary clarification: while fascinated by patterns and yarns, Tosconova hasn’t forget about ethics and is against the use of fabrics of animal origin – as we all know, future trends are leather-free – for a totally cruelty-free approach to home décor. In fact, Tosconova has decided not to use real leather as upholstery material and goose down for paddings. Goose down has been replaced with an innovative product: eco-flock, a padding that performs much better than goose down, is machine washable and offers an extra comfort. At Tosconova, we are working on a daily basis to minimize the company’s footprint and become as much cruelty-free as we can.

As per metal, a fundamental material to realize stable and lasting furniture, Tosconova artisans are skilled in brass processing while designers shape it to frame our creations. On the other side, there’s the finishing part: Tosconova has chosen textured, shiny metal-look finishes and a design style inspired by a selection of colors. When struck by light, the different layers composing the finishing cause unexpected reflects and give thickness to the pieces of furniture. It goes without saying: they are all hand-made by the expert hands of Tosconova artisans.

Italy is well-known for a number of beauties and above them there’s Italian marble. At Tosconova, first of all we carefully select marble stones, then we give them a contemporary matt finish or a glossy one that makes them super shiny. All of this is made in Italy from A to Z.

Design, high-level craftmanship and the most precious raw materials are equally important and none of Tosconova pieces of furniture would exist without one of the three.