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How to decorate the perfect home: space and harmony To decorate means to organize a space that has in itself infinite possibilities. Luxury décor – sofas, small tables, sideboards, lamps – must be carefully selected in harmony with man and the environment, so as to create the perfect home.

With a Tuscan heritage and a contemporary design, Tosconova offers a fresh décor that features sleek and modern lines. That is particularly true as per that one room born to be the welcoming and inspiring heart of the house: the living room.

That is why Tosconova offers the Taylor Sofa, with a design that goes beyond the lovely eye catcher: a sober silhouette tinged with modern, sleek shapes, with a solid soul and soft padding that promises ultimate comfort. The Taylor Corner Sofa is designed to suit any size and type of space since it can be enriched with corner modules to create countless solutions, as shown in the datasheet available on Tosconova website.


Light has always been at the core of any search for tips on how to decorate the perfect home and it has a key role in that home space called living room. The point of light created by Matisse Table Lamp, customizable and dedicated to the key interpreter of the artistic French movement called Fauvism, brings a sense of intimacy and protection. The lamp is enriched with precious components made of brass and ceramic, the last created in partnership with Ceramiche Pecchioli, a craft design brand born in Tuscany in the early 1900s. The ceramics definitely embellish Matisse Table Lamp and give rise to infinite customizations and an exquisite design.


“The light” Le Corbusier used to say. And he makes us think about geometric inspirations and classic lines, the ones that gave birth to Nelly Table Lamp. The conical, elegant shape smartly lights up the room and its customizable surfaces in galvanic finish attract the gaze.


Tosconova also proposes the thin, soaring Zeno Floor Lamp, with an exclusive design and customizable colors. Steel and brass support the design and light lines that recalls the horizon line.


But among luxury furniture that contribute to create the perfect home, a pair of armchairs always stands out. Witton armchair, all-Italian design, and lines of the 50s gives grace and importance to any space. Once again, Tuscany is not only a source of inspiration but also a certainty that makes the craftmanship of Tosconova’s artisans come to life. They are upholsters who have been practicing this art in Florence for generations and now they have created a unique blend of comfort – thanks to an optimized padding – and aesthetics given by check pattern and iconic buttons.

In the section essentials of luxury décor, Tosconova has always brand new elements to suggest, such as horizontal surfaces that combine sobriety and genuine usefulness. Tables, small tables, and sideboards hold one of the secrets on how to decor the perfect home: keeping the house in order brings peace of mind, harmony, creative possibilities. An order that rests on the elegant tops, made of glass or marble, that enrich Teo Small Tables, steadfast on their fascinating crossed base. Or an order that dwells in the Lungarno sideboard, to which you can trust your beloved belongings thanks to the simple, clean lines, the brass handles, plus one fine material: Canaletto walnut wood. Tosconova, a company that has a deep academic knowledge of luxury décor, is rooted in the aesthetics and history of Tuscany, land of two souls that carries along both the sense of the past and the future.

Ultimately, rugs can be considered the real piece of luxury furniture, as they ensure space to walk in and they look at the ceiling where imagining is easy, instinctive, and relaxing. The TT06 rug is made of pure tafted silk, hand-woven, and resting on a cotton basis. It lights up and modifies colors depending on the direction and, once again, of the light. Thus, every TT06 rug is one of a kind. The same uniqueness can be found in the image reflected by SP300 Canaletto Mirror, created by Tosconova and enriched by the sober, graceful, and elegant lines of its frame made of solid Canaletto walnut wood. Furthermore, brass details and galvanic finishes are customizable. An image harmonized with space and environment in its broader meaning.

Le Corbusier said: “Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep”.