Contemporary Florentine design: Tosconova furnishings adorn the renovation of Grand Hotel Baglioni.

The first museum on the timeline that marks our authentic and elegant Florentine experience: if we had to describe the essence of today's Grand Hotel Baglioni, we would use these words. Located in the heart of Florence and housed in a historical residence from the second half of the 1800s, it became a hotel in 1903, and it's now facing new makeover in collaboration with Tosconova and Architect Patrizia Monaco: a partnership celebrated by a common love for Made in Italy, Florentine art, and design.
Grand Hotel Baglioni_realization_Tosconova

An exciting adventure through high-quality materials, distinctive finishes, colors,textures, and sensations that transport us with imagination to the historic Florentine workshops while simultaneously keeping us rooted in the present, providing us with a sense of high comfort and refinement that fine, tailor-made furniture offers.

An adventure inspired by the ‘total work’ concept: created to express an art form that includes others, it tells us about a hotel that encapsulates the Florentine atmosphere, tradition, architecture, design, and gastronomic culture with remarkable mastery.

Indeed, everything is extraordinarily and naturally perfect. Starting with the lobby: framed by a fine parquet floor and a distinctive coffered ceiling, it welcomes us with a tactile palette of gray and brown colors. Wood, iron, brass, and exquisite Dedar fabrics, which Tosconova used to upholster its furniture, stand out, combined with soft and refined lines, the brand’s icons. The space is organized into islands of relaxation, created with the Milano sofa, Kora armchair, and Witton armchair, all designed and crafted by the expert hands of Tosconova’s artisans: An invitation to tranquility and conversation. To appreciate, from a comfortable vantage point, the exquisite furniture and the space that envelops us, as if we were inside an art gallery, captivated by the artworks. Staying in the first museum of our Florentine experience means this.

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The comfortable Milano sofa, with a classic aesthetic, features a solid wooden structure and is upholstered in the Lupo fabric by Dedar, an extremely soft material presented here in both gray and beige shades. The same fabric and structure personalize the Kora armchair, which, thanks to its sinuous and refined design, is perfect for transforming any space into an irresistible peaceful oasis. Finally, the Witton armchair adds a touch of charm and antiquity with its Toscanova velvet upholstery and distinctive brass structure. The Brass coffee table and the Club Console by Tosconova, minimalist and chic furniture, are essential elements for the lobby’s design and, in importance, they complete the picture of an elegant and sophisticated living room with a touch of antiquity. Lighting is also carefully considered, in one word: soft. It includes Tosconova’s lighting fixtures and the Caffè Letterario lamp (which translates to ‘literary coffee lamp’): designed for the occasion by Architect Monaco and crafted by Tosconova using brass and a nickel plating finish, it features an integrated ‘book rack’, evoking the ambiance of an elegant Florentine literary café. Indeed, upon entering the hotel, the impression is that of stepping into a sophisticated living room of times past, with the exception that our journey of discovery through Florentine design, workshops of yesteryears, and the essence of the city offered in a luxurious manner by the Grand Hotel Baglioni, has only just begun.

The iconic Tosconova design will escort us to the luxurious suites of the hotel, which are adorned with the same ‘contemporary-Florentine’ style that captivated us at the entrance, and will then lead us to the rooftops of Grand Hotel Baglioni, to the discovery of B-Roof: In addition to offering an all-Italian, Tuscan, and Florentine gastronomic experience, the restaurant also treats us to the city’s beauty from an enviable vantage point. It’s an experience that engages all our senses – beginning with the comfortable Tosconova armchairs that furnish the room – letting us feel charm, wonder and eagerness to even feel more and more: it is what those who experience Firenze for the first time feel and it is what those who stay at the Grand Hotel Baglioni for the first time feel too.

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