About Tosconova

High quality fabrics: future trends are leather free

High quality fabrics are the key stages in the route to sustainability chosen by future trends and high-end home décor is definitely looking to the future. Not as simple as it seems, but what is easy? Nothing worth doing. In fact, cruelty-free solutions ask for new ideas coming from an in-depth, careful research for the best possible quality of a fabric. Tosconova Research and Development (R&D) has made this ethical choice and never stops looking for the best made in Italy products on the market.

As per finishes and materials, Tosconova always wants to give their clients a wide choice and customization options and the same is even more the case with upholstery. The experienced professionals of Tosconova tapestry department have created two unique fabrics that are often client’s first choice and will be two of the company’s the flagship products.

Twiga is the versatile fabric par excellence. The black and white luxurious texture boasts a special double effect that makes any piece of furniture super exclusive: if you look at it from distance, it seems plain, but then looking closely its pattern is sophisticated and precious. Maya is a classy fabric enriched by a material texture pleasant and relaxing to the touch just like its aesthetics. Soft but durable, it exemplifies Tosconova focus on customization as it is available in a real multitude of colors, from darker to lighter shades.


A performing, innovative R&D department never forgets to rely on the cooperation with the excellence of design, i.e. the best Italian weaving companies ensuring highest product quality thanks to the work of the so-called artisans of Italy. The cutting-edge contemporary fabric collection by Dedar says it all: it is the result of care for details, innovation, craftmanship and research into fiber technology and sustainability future trends, that is approaches and goals shared with Tosconova.

The company has chosen two incredible fabrics by Dedar. Shar Pei is what we might call sensory opulence: exuberant thanks to the thick chenille yarn, it combines soft hand and a stunning aesthetics. Chérie is an haute couture interpretation of jacquard that impresses with its shiny yarns playing with light on the fabric surface. Two sustainable, cruelty-free feathers in the cap of Italian style.

That is worthy.