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How to customize super linear style

Thus enhancing the design of both small and large spaces Superlinear style is just ideal for customizing it in every possible way, thus enhancing the design and aesthetics of both small and large spaces. Linear design never really goes out of fashion, as well as linear colours that make any space look comfortable. Then a spot of colour and customization is complete.

Tosconova Flat bed literally pulls the bedroom space together. Linear style par excellence, the bed features a double frame that makes it possible to double customize it: the aesthetics of both fabric and the actual frame can vary according to the client’s wishes, choosing among Tosconova upholstery materials and finishes. That literally means customizable quality perfect for any refined setting.

The incredible customization potential makes the Flat bed totally matchable with different nightstands. The choice may fall on the Diamond nightstand, again a linear shape enhanced by sort of a diamond pattern. The glass top protects the surface and becomes a part of it thanks to a unique color coating on the lower side.

Or, the choice may also fall on Brass nightstand or Square nightstand, the latest creations by Tosconova in response to specific needs, i.e. compact but classy pieces of furniture. In fact, both nightstands have compact size, but don’t lose quality and style – they both feature a matt marble top that makes their design a lot more refined. Thus, small spaces may elevate their look, but that’s not all. Large spaces may benefit from these special nightstands too. In fact, their compact size makes sure that any wide space doesn’t look over-crammed and maintains its linear, light and airy style.

Therefore, linear style confirms that customization makes the difference. Tornabuoni table lamp is absolutely super linear and thus perfect in any space. But just have a look at the different available finishing options: according to the chosen finish – brass or matt brass, just to name two – the lamps take on a totally different look and thus have a much different impact on the room design. That’s the power of customization, a power shared by Zeno table lamp. As linear is also based on visual references, the Diamond desk features a diamond pattern recalling one of Diamond nightstands. The oak wood linear desk boasts two different versions – again, customization according to the client’s wishes is key – with two or four drawers in the top part.

And here we come to the colour spot. Tosconova has undertaken vintage studies that led to 60s Italian décor and to Lena armchair. The vintage feeling is tangible: the structure is compact without losing comfort and sitting space; the legs are vintage style indeed, but revisited in a contemporary key; finally, the vintage appeal is both visual and haptic, as the matte velvet fabric enriches and contextualizes the armchair.

Nora chair is another creation by Tosconova in response to the need of offering a wide range of choices to the client. It is quite an unexpected piece of furniture, with an eccentric, useful touch: the refined back handle, very practical to move the chair, resulting from Tosconova above-mentioned vintage studies.

The customization of linear style seems to be definitely the key to an evergreen approach to home décor that enhances any space and adds that one-of-a-kind final touch.