About Tosconova

Make your home into a work of art

Imagine home décor as an artistic process It all changes in an instant. If you start figuring out home décor as an artistic process, your home spaces suddenly become part of an inclusive work of art. Each piece of furniture is not just a product anymore, but is perceived as an artistic touch. Tosconova will show you home décor through the lens of art and aesthetics.

Usually, artwork is meant to stand out. That’s what Quinn Bed by Tosconova does: its incredible, diamond-square-shaped headboard gracefully livens up any empty, blank wall. It gives the effect of a refined painting or elegant tapestry, decorative in their essence. The fine thickness contributes to actually make the headboard look like a painting, while upholstery guarantees contemporary comfort and is perfect to lean on and talk, read, rest. The same creates an ideal frame for the possible final touch to the ensemble: elegant decorative pillows.

A work of art is also meant to make the viewer see-through. Miura Armchair has been designed thinking about lightness and spaciousness. In fact, it gives absolute freedom to eyes and mind that can wander in the room space: the wooden armrests, the color of which can be chosen according to room details, and the longlegs with customizable finishes in their lower part is exceptionally thin, for an armchair structure so slender that seems to be floating in the air. Special attention has been paid to the backrest: not too high, not to low, it blends together aesthetics and, above all, comfort.

Gold has inspired or refined countless works of art. Oro series by Tosconova (Oro means golden in Italian) boasts nightstands, cabinet, desk and console. What makes this series so iconic is definitely the detailing of the base: customizable as per colors, the bases are enriched by the so-called materic finish, a very special painting technique. This is made possible thanks to Tosconova laboratories and Italian artisanship: let’s imagine precious metal and Tosconova painters decorating it, everything by hand, adding shades of color that give depth and a unique effect – i.e. satin burnished or matte delabré burnished. Being these pieces of furniture all part of the same Oro family, it is particularly easy to combine different finish choices, for example Oro Nightstand with black glossy finishes and white lacquered Oro Cabinet, for an ambience aesthetically consistent, classy and truly original.

A portion of creative art and home décor focuses on round shapes, as carriers of messages of harmony and protection. The Tondo Pouff follows this school of thought. Super light to move, small and gracious or large and elegant, it softens the ambience and has a lovely decorative effect.

Works of art would not exist without light, that has countless ways of playing with aesthetics, always creating different atmospheres. The Manhattan wall lamp spreads the light according to the color of the customizable lampshade. At the same time, the metal geometric structure looks like sort of a decorative frame and pleases the gaze both from the front and from above. Keeping on playing with light and geometries, Nelly Floor Lamp creates an aesthetically pleasing point light that can be directed towards an armchair, used to read comfortably or to highlight your favorite part of the room, for a cinematographic.

Also, art can hide in unexpected places, or in objects that we usually take for granted. But that’s still art, and you can walk on it feeling all its softness, as it happens with the luxurious TT16 wool carpet. Tosconova works very closely with art, which flutters today in the company laboratories as it did in the ancient Florentine artisan workshops. It all revolves around making your home into a work of art.