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Modern bedroom set: one, two, a thousand versatile versions

Modern bedroom set can be such a simplistic definition of the furniture in one of the most important rooms in the house. The studies on it are countless and range from the importance of a good rest to the sense of security a bedroom should give. Tosconova has envisioned a bedroom space with light, relaxing tones and an elegant atmosphere, placing a very special bed at the heart of it.

Milano bed by Tosconova is in itself a standout piece of high-level Italian craftsmanship, with an overall upholstered structure and a sophisticated tailored headboard. But above all, Milano bed is born to be super versatile so to fit in any chic space and a second version of it is now available. The classic one is so popular that it has begun being requested by luxury hotels, in a slightly more compact size. Joining the first, the new version of Milano bed stays true to Tosconova aesthetics standards, but features a thinner headboard and the lateral frame that is flush with the mattress, so to gain some space both in length and width. This way, it has been possible to create a bed that can accommodate a wider mattress while freeing up space.

Milano bed alone means one, two, a thousand versatile versions of a modern bedroom set, but of course other pieces of furniture have to be part of it and Tosconova R&D laboratories has worked on them. From the same collection, Milano nightstands somehow enclose the bed and lighten the whole aesthetics of the room thanks to their slender legs. Besides, they can be customized in any possible color and finishing – both matt and glossy. The same goes for Milano dresser with its unique metal base and four large, very practical drawers enriched by metal handles.

Bedroom lighting is again the focus of a number of studies: while the light intensity should never be too strong – that is why different light spots are to be preferred – aesthetics of lamps, table lamps and chandeliers should please the eye and relax the head. Diffusing a soft, warm light, Tornabuoni wall lamp is the perfect bedside light with a timeless, modern-design, sober, geometric, customizable aesthetics. The metal details add a precious touch to the whole room, making it the epitome of elegance. Matisse table lamp is the one meant to cheer the room up with its lively, colorful ceramic body: choosing a bright color can really make it a very original piece of furniture while emphasizing the aesthetics of Florentine ceramics.

Finally, the two must-have that give to the room a sophisticated touch: TT16 rug, the softest carpet ever – bedroom rugs should always be the softest to be walked barefooted – and the harmonious rounded shapes of SP 190 mirror, minimalist and elegant.

A modern bedroom set suggested by Tosconova expert but totally customizable according to the client’s likes as every room in the house should be unique and personal above all.