About Tosconova

Neat contemporary design

A lot going on beneath the surface (it’s a secret) An essential approach is often the one chosen by contemporary design. “Less, but Better” stated master designer Dieter Rams, i.e. improving the quality and usefulness of design by subtracting the non-essential details. But what’s going on beneath the surface, behind design choices?

The answer hides a secret. We often forget that the materials we use are as important as the materials we choose not to use. Tosconova firmly believes that home is the first place to start making conscious and sustainable choices. During the last two years, Tosconova R&D has found eco-sustainable and cruelty-free alternative solutions to leather and goose feathers, to be used for upholstery. Today, at Tosconova paddings are realized using eco-flock only. And here is the secret: you’ll feel the difference. In your heart, above all.

The Lanai Sofa is one of Tosconova’s recent creations, in which neat design meets usefulness, comfort, and aesthetics. The goal of usefulness has been reached by ensuring countless modular solutions on a solid wood basis. Aesthetics is not left behind though, as huge, comfortable, elegant pillows create a classy backrest.

For a strong correlation between form and function and for an alternative to the classical bergère, Kora Armchair has been re-interpreted in a contemporary key: no armrests, the widest of seats and an eccentric handle on the back that makes the armchair easy to move in a more open, flowing space. Besides, clean design solutions often rely on fabrics to add personality to home spaces. Black, white, grey and their countless shades and variants are often the key colors chosen by designers for interiors to have a neat, gentle look. Tosconova upholstery materials are the result of the company’s thriving new-era Italian artisanship and that is how personality becomes a tangible added value to the ambience.

The already-mentioned fabrics or other materials such as glass, wood, and brass, enriched by Tosconova various finishing options, can definitely create a neat, sharp and uncluttered look. And so do the diamond-shaped profiles of Club Base Small Table and Club Base Showcase, both part of the prolific Tosconova Club line. Choosing Club line décor elements means aesthetic coherence and a visual leitmotif connecting the various parts of the same ambience.

In fact, contemporary designs and interiors tend to be characterized by en-pendant solutions, creating a subtle, impalpable aesthetical continuity. Together with the magnificent wall lamp and floor lamp belonging to the same line, Hilton Table Lamp is one-of-a-kind, moving, design solution, with geometric shapes that can rotate on the lamp basis. If good design doesn’t need to be explained, the customization options deserve mention, as both the structure and the lampshade can take very different appearances – as nearly all Tosconova creations. We should never forget that strategically placed or diffused artificial lights are the key elements of a neat design approach.

One of the secrets for visually clean spaces to wear interesting aesthetics is mixing verticals (tables, sofas, desks) and horizontals (cabinets, rugs and other elements) with harmonic round shapes and other somehow odd shapes (lamps, coffee tables, armchairs). Rugs are the ultimate horizontal piece of furniture, the key element in a clean contemporary ambience. TT16 wool rug blends simplicity and class, dressing up the whole room.

Dieter Rams said that “the aesthetic quality of a product is integral to its usefulness because products are used every day and have an effect on people and their well-being.” Tosconova blends aesthetics, usefulness and eco-sustainable alternatives, all of them key ingredients of design, and then adds a pinch of creative freedom, as clients can customize their picks choosing among a variety of classy, timeless finishes.