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Relax room: brown, white, rounded

The relax room does exist and can positively affect mental wellbeing. One of the most important factor in interior design is the so-called psychology of colors and shapes that interior designers know quite well and always take into great consideration. As the impact of colors and shapes on our emotions has proved to be quite high, it is essential to never underestimate it when it comes to decorating.

Brown and white are two popular colors for interiors, but how do they actually impact on our emotions? It seems that brown color – directly or indirectly connected to wood furniture that appears to promote wellbeing of mind and body itself – induces naturalness and a sense of security, along with being somehow welcoming as it evokes comfort food such as chocolate, cakes and coffee. Besides, it adds warmth and depth to the actual room. On its part, white color adds some airy appearance, a refreshing feeling of pureness. Last but not least, grey color, that can be considered sort of a variation of white, gives a fundamental touch of elegance.

Tosconova has decided to try recreating the perfect relax room blending brown, white and grey with the soothing, positive vibes of rounded shapes. Clean white walls and a sophisticated grey floor are the stage setting that welcomes the eye, preparing it to receive the warm, calming effect of selected furniture. At the very center of the room, Tazio 140 round table makes harmony visible exactly thanks to its rounded, gentle lines inspired by Italian style and Tuscan aesthetics. The solid structure made of Canaletto walnut wood sustains the matt top made of the finest Emperador marble that Tosconova can decline in no less than eight colors.

With Forty Canalatto chair by Tosconova, grey and brown colors blend together warmth, elegance and the most sophisticated upholstery – here we see the luxurious Agave L06 fabric – for an outstanding sitting comfort. Tuscan vintage mood is definitely on. Do you prefer a more classical seat option with a twist of modernity? Fifty-two chair embodies that modernity thanks to the stylish, eye-catching dark metal legs while the grey, super comfortable seat and backrest perfectly fit in the space with their precious finishes – Siena L26 is the chosen fabric here, among countless options.

See-through Lungarno showcase make the room look even more airy, elegant and, at the same time, capacious. Part of the Lungarno collection, with pieces of furniture connecting home space with nature, it perfectly matches the Charlotte Canaletto floor lamp, one of the most iconic, entirely customizable tripod lamp ever. The pretty grey textile cap in turn strengthens the aesthetical fil-rouge of the whole room recalling the chairs upholstery.

Finally, it comes that one piece of furniture making all the difference as it finds its own way of being in a space perceived as a whole. A real novelty presented by Tosconova: Doge chandelier, whose name recalls the unparalleled city of Venice. Its vertical body in galvanic metal finish, enriched with smoked glass, makes light spread from each arm through the cylindrical glass with a comfortable, diffused effect.

The elements are arranged for the perfect relax room.