The renovation of the B-Roof Restaurant in Florence – A truly Florentine experience

To savor. A term that, upon consulting the dictionary, can be applied in various contexts, at least two. It can be pronounced at a meal as synonymous with 'taste,' or employed when fully experiencing a certain situation.

This suggests a deep engagement of all the senses in a particular experience, and when it comes to the B-Roof Restaurant, it signifies the engagement of every sense in an authentic Florentine experience.

The restaurant proposes a traditional fine menu combined with the most contemporary flavors, while the large windows that adorn the dining room offer a 360° breathtaking view of Florence  –by the way, B-Roof is located atop Grand Hotel Baglioni –. Who wouldn’t dream of a dinner in front of the Dome of Florence?
However, an authentic Florentine experience also encompasses tactile sensations, that, at B-Roof result in high Florentine comfort.

Tosconova collaborated with Architect Patrizia Monaco to craft the perfect Florentine experience, considering both aesthetic and sensory aspects. This was achieved by incorporating historical materials and textures into the furniture that adorns B-Roof.

Even the color palette echoes the essence of the city, highlighting the most romantic and noble facets of Florence. Thanks to the expansive windows, it seamlessly blends with the city’s landscape, creating a captivating new palette. The experience at B-Roof truly feels like being at the heart of Florence, with no barriers between you and the city. This is also attributed to the Tosconova Tazio tables: the sleek black glass top isn’t just an elegant feature but serves as a mirror reflecting the scenic beauty outside! The round shape adds refinement to the ambiance, while the wooden legs pay homage to Florence’s rich heritage of craftsmanship.

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The seats at B-Roof by Tosconova resemble more of cozy armchairs, and it’s not a coincidence. On one side, the imagery of historical literary cafes, and on the other, the goal of achieving the highest level of comfort. This led the architect to choose the Fifty-Two chairs, customized with fine Made in Italy fabrics by Dedar. These seats are as sophisticated in appearance as they are comfortable to use – something to savor, as we were just saying.

At B-Roof, every sense savors the history of Florence – there is even a piano in the room in case you’re wondering ‘What about the hearing?’ – no matter the situation. Whether it’s a lunch break, a romantic dinner, or a business meeting, Tosconova has designed a system for such occasions. This system extends the surface of the tables, making the room much more flexible, especially for events hosting numerous guests.

This project began a long time ago and has gradually transformed every corner of the restaurant, starting from the terrace. It’s been an exciting yet challenging journey for Tosconova and the architect, who observed Florence meticulously and listened attentively to its fascinating story. Through fine, tailor-made furniture, they have brought the city’s story back to life.

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