Tosconova’s design and Areo Art’s style blend in an authentic Florentine partnership.

Tosconova and Areo Art. When listing the reasons for their partnership, we would mention their love for Florence and craftsmanship, the vocation for beauty, and the mission to bring it closer to people’s daily lives, along with the dedication to researching the perfect aesthetic form.

Yet, an even more symbiotic element binds Tosconova and Areo Art: time. Actually, it would be more accurate to say ‘times’.
Architecture and interior design, like many other disciplines, create their own narratives over time. These narratives are sometimes characterized by rigorous lines, at other times by fluorescent colors, plastic materials, or sustainable solutions that define entire epochs. This is why, very often, an attentive eye can easily place a chair, a room, or a building within its historical period.

But what if we were to witness several epochs? Times don’t just accumulate; they intermingle, influencing everything within them, from the design of furniture to the architecture of entire buildings. These elements are filtered, refined, and synthesized into a highly personal expressive language. This process gives birth to unique products and projects, uninfluenced by fleeting trends, and always purposeful
Adding more layers of time to create timeless projects: it is an intriguing play on words.

This is what makes Tosconova’s design furniture as unique as the renowned Areo Art’s projects: years of experience have led to the definition of their own aesthetic key to the world, which for both is closely linked to the Florentine territory and its history, naturally. This partnership takes place in the heart of Florence – where else? – to imbue several apartments with a precise aesthetic taste.
Architects Alberto and Gabriele have interpreted Tosconova’s designs to create elegant and refined environments, in line with the history of the studio. In the ’80s, the world of architecture began to embrace the first computer tools for design, leading to more efficient methodologies. However, craftsmanship remained a priority, now further enhanced by technology. This is exactly the case in Tosconova’s laboratories, where skill and meticulous material selection form the bases of production.

However, upon deeper reflection, it becomes clear that simply speaking of ‘times that are summed up’ does not do justice to either Tosconova or Areo Art. There is more to it: the ability to recognize the hidden beauty in each epoch, to preserve it, and at the same time, to welcome innovation while remembering the values of the past — the passion for what we do, the love for our territory, and respect for tradition. By doing so, Tosconova and Areo Art have each invented their unique expressive languages and subsequently influenced each other. These two signature styles, each embodying different epochs, merge to create something even more extraordinary within a series of apartments in Florence.