Furniture made in Italy: design + ceramics

Furniture made in Italy hides one and a thousand secrets. Blending design and precious ceramics is surely one of them, as it ensures the finest aesthetics results, the same you can find in luxury villas and retreats. Those secrets are chased by producers and manufacturers all over the world, but here is the well-hidden keystone: their millennial-old roots. Development, innovation, functionality and the ultimate aesthetics come straight from – and never without – Italian artistic history and an impressive work: the one of companies such as Tosconova and Pecchioli Ceramics, both rooted in the noble art of craftmanship and in the heart of Tuscany.

Suffice to say that the founder of Pecchioli ceramics – then called Art of Ceramics – was an incredible artist: he introduced Art Nouveau to Italy, decorated public and private buildings all over the world and actively participated in all major International Exhibitions of late nineteenth century. Precious hand-made and hand-painted ceramics by Pecchioli are such elegant and of course unique pieces that we tend to admire their beauty, their truthful Italian aesthetics, somehow taking it for granted and forgetting that made in Italy means tradition above all. Instead, it is key to dwell on their history, the ancient gestures firmly kept in mind by the artisans of today, women and men capable of a deep sensitivity for art and tradition but dynamically open to contemporary artistic influences.

To let the real furniture made in Italy live and be appreciated – the imitations are countless – Tosconova and Pecchioli started a partnership that was somehow predestined: both companies create high-end, hand-made products without ever forgetting their Italian roots; both companies have an eye for colors, again drawing from tradition and nature, such as forest green, sea light blue, green water, midnight blue.

A breakthrough result of Tosconova and Pecchioli partnership is Matisse table lamp, blending new-era Italian artisanship, attention to details, delicate lines and the refined design of a ceramic body. Tradition proves to be the foundation of innovation at Tosconova technical lighting department, a specialized laboratory where expert craftsmen and craftswomen carefully model and assemble components and materials and where contemporary art finds its connection with classical art. Matisse table lamp is definitely the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Furthermore and thanks to that, its customizable aesthetics lets it become perfect for any ambience – plenty of ceramic colors, lampshades and finishes are available to create an hyper-unique, classy, timeless made in Italy piece of furniture.